Collection Instructions for Semen Analysis, IUI, or Sperm Cryopreservation

  1. Bluegrass Fertility Center has a private, on-site collection room specifically designed for your comfort for collection of semen samples. Collecting at our facility limits the exposure of the sample to outside contaminates, temperature fluctuations, and controls the time between collection and analysis. A sample may be collected at home in some circumstances, so please discuss any concerns you may have with a laboratory technician.
  2. Semen analysis, IUI preps and sperm cryopreservation are by appointment only. Remember to have your driver’s license or another valid form of photo ID with you when you come to Bluegrass Fertility Center. You are required to show photo ID before we can accept any samples into our laboratory. If you have health insurance through Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Humana, or Aetna, and have coverage for fertility testing, we will file your insurance for you. Please bring your insurance card with you. A member of our staff will check on your benefits for you. If you have no insurance, are covered by a different insurance company, or your current insurance does not cover fertility testing, payment in full is required on the day of your appointment.*
  3. We ask that you abstain from any form of ejaculation for 2-5 days before a semen collection.
  4. Collection Instructions:
    • Wash and rinse hands and genital area. Dry thoroughly with a clean towel.
    • Label collection container provided to you with your first and last name, and either your Social Security Number or Date of Birth.
    • Fill out Patient Identification Form. This form confirms your identity, asks some general health questions, and other questions regarding collection of the sample. Please do not leave anything blank on this form . Recent illnesses and list of medications being taken will need to be recorded.
    • Collect the semen specimen by masturbation into the sterile collection cup. Normal semen volume ranges from 1 to 6ml.
    • Replace the lid on the sterile collection cup.
    • After collecting your sample you are free to go. Leave the sample and paperwork in the collection room. Ring the bell, if you wish. Laboratory personnel will collect the specimen and paperwork from the room.
    • Check-out at the front desk.
  5. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask the laboratory personnel on the day of your appointment or call our office with any concerns before the day of your appointment. Our phone number is (859) 260-1515.
  6. If you are a new patient and did not receive a new patient packet in the mail, please arrive 15 minutes prior to scheduled appointment time to fill out appropriate paperwork.

**Bluegrass Fertility Center participates with Aetna PPO insurance. Payment must be made in full at the time of service if you do not have insurance, or if your insurance company does not provide you with coverage for the services rendered. If you have coverage, we will file your visit(s) with your insurance company and bill you appropriately according to your plan’s coverage.