Preoperative Instructions for IVF Patients

We will give you times for the trigger injection and egg retrieval the day of your last ultrasound appointment.

The retrieval will be at our Old Rosebud Road location. If you need to contact us on the day of your retrieval please call 859-260-1515. There is a $400.00 anesthesia fee which can be paid with check, credit or debit cards. If you have insurance you will still need to pay this day and file for reimbursement. We have the form for you to send to your insurance company.

Have nothing to eat or drink after midnight the day before your surgery. Prescription medications may be taken with a small amount of water. Bring your pain medication with you. Wear comfortable clothing. Make-up is ok but do not use lotion or perfume. Eggs are very sensitive to odors! Do not wear contact lenses or bring a case for them. Dr. Chris Swayze will be your anesthesiologist and will review your history and explain the anesthesia procedure to you. Dr. Akin will see you also to answer any last minute questions you have for him. After changing into a gown a IV will be started. When it is time for surgery your spouse will be directed to the collection room. The retrieval takes approximately 10-15 minutes but it will be 30- 45 minutes before we bring your spouse to recovery. We will have a preliminary egg count before you are discharged. Recovery takes 30-45 minutes and you will be ready for discharge. After the procedure you may experience menstrual like cramping, tenderness and vaginal spotting. This is normal. You may resume eating and drinking when you feel up to it. Do plan on spending the day at home recovering and resting. You can resume normal activity the next day.  

Our laboratory staff will contact you with an update on the status of your embryos the day after your retrieval. You will also receive call on the second day after retrieval in order to schedule your transfer.