Andrology Instructions for Males

We will need to have a semen sample from you on the day of the retrieval. We have an on-site collection room specifically designed for your privacy. A sample may be collected at home in some circumstances. Discuss this in advance with Dr. Akin or one of the staff. If you feel that you may have problems with collection on this day we can freeze a back-up sample for use if needed. You will need to do this at least one week in advance.

You will stay with your wife or partner through the pre-op process. When we are ready to begin the retrieval you will be directed to the collection room. Be sure that you bring a valid form of ID with picture. Please fill out the form completely. Be sure that you label the specimen container. The lab will not accept samples that are not labeled! When you are finished leave the sample and paperwork in the room. Return to the waiting room, we will bring you to the recovery room as soon as your wife is awake.

Prior to the retrieval day be sure that you have abstained from ejaculation for at least two days but not more than five.

Avoid the use of hot tubs and saunas prior to and during fertility treatment. High temperatures can have an adverse effect on sperm.

If you become ill during treatment monitor your temperature. A rise in body temperature from fever can also affect sperm quality. Take Aspirin, Tylenol or Advil to decrease fever.

As much as possible try to limit your exposure to environmental toxins such as fuel, paints, pesticides and other chemicals.

Stop smoking and use alcohol in moderation.