IVF Appointment Information

You will need to have three office appointments during the course of stimulation. You may possibly need a fourth appointment. You will have a vaginal ultrasound and labs drawn on these days.

Both of your appointments will be completed in our office at our Nicholasville Road location. You will need to be seen in the morning between 8-9 am. Early morning appointments are necessary as medications may need to be adjusted based on the results of your lab results. Allow thirty minutes for your appointment.

Your egg retrieval will be on one of the following days based on your response to the medications. This will be at our Old Rosebud Road location.

The embryo transfer will be the third or fifth day after the retrieval at our Old Rosebud Road location.

Pregnancy ultrasounds will be at our Nicholasville Road location.

For any questions about your appointment, please call our office directly at 859-260-1515.