IVF Medications

There are a number of different drugs and protocols used in IVF treatment. Treatment is individualized for each couple so you may find that your drugs and instructions may differ from other couples.

The first step in the process is referred to as down regulation or suppression of hormones. This is usually done with birth control pills. The pills can be started between the third and twelfth day of your menstrual cycle. The dose is one active hormone pill to be taken daily. It is very important that you take only the active hormone pills. Some or all of the pills in the last row will be a different color. Discard these pills and go directly to a new pack without skipping any days. Many women will spot or bleed on the pills. Continue the pills as instructed. This will not jeopardize the cycle in any way.

The last day to take the pill is ______________________.

Agonist or Antagonist medications prevent the release of eggs or premature ovulation.
You will have one of the following drugs: Ganirelix , Cetrotide , Lupron or microdose Lupron.

Ganirelix or Cetrotide injections start on day six, seven or eight of the stimulation. We will instruct you when to start.

Lupron or microdose Lupron start earlier in the cycle.

Lupron dose 10 units daily starting on _________________.

Microdose Lupron dose 20 units twice daily starting on _________________.

Gonadatropins are used to stimulate the ovaries to produce multiple eggs in one cycle. You will have one of the following drugs Follistim, Gonal F, Bravelle, Menopur or Repronex. This injection starts the day of your first ultrasound.

A “trigger” injection will be given 35-37 hours prior to your retrieval. This will be either HCG or Lupron trigger. The timing of this injection is critical. We will give you the date and time to take this injection the afternoon after last ultrasound appointment.

Progesterone is a hormone normally produced in the ovaries. It helps to thicken the uterine lining and enhance embryo implantation. This is given in the form of a vaginal suppository and will continue until the 10th week of pregnancy. Your discharge instructions given at the retrieval will instruct you when to start. Usually this is the second day after the retrieval. You will have Prometrium, Endometrin or Crinone. These are all natural progesterone which is pregnancy safe.

The FDA warns against the use of synthetic progesterone during pregnancy.

An antibiotic is ordered to reduce the possibility of infection with surgery and is also shown to increase pregnancy rates. This starts the day before the retrieval.

Pain medication will be prescribed for use during the post op period.

Video injection instructions are available by following this linkFreedom Fertility Pharmacy Injection Training. You may be asked to enter the password 9654321 which serves as your RX number. Follow the prompts and you can access videos of all the injectable drugs that are used in the course of the cycle.

You can also download the IPhone app for Freedom Fertility Mobile from the App Store. This app has a calendar and teaching videos available. This is a free app and is very useful.